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Our mission is to provide the most professional, cost-effective and ethical support service available to the client, their family and the treatment team. We pledge to assist in our clients’ goal of attaining a satisfying quality of life while maximizing their post-accident abilities. 

The primary focus of Hemispheres Rehabilitation Services Ltd (HRSL) is to meet the individualized needs of each client by supporting their reintegration into the family unit, community, workplace or school. We also strive to ensure client safety while successfully developing applicable compensatory strategies and realistic expectations of post-accident cognitive functionality. 




Hemispheres Rehabilitation Services Ltd. (HRSL) offers a variety of support services for seniors.

Respite Workers and Accompanied Transportation Services

HRSL drivers will provide accompanied transport to and from any engagement in a safe, punctual and professional manner. Read more

Hemispheres Rehabilitation Services Ltd is licensed by FSCO (Financial Service Commission of Ontario).

Hemispheres Rehabilitation Services Ltd is WSIB insured (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board)



Dianne Taylor, Reg. P.T., Dianne M. Taylor & Associates Inc.

"Hemispheres Rehabilitation Services Ltd., have consistently provided professional community support services to meet the needs of our ABI clients. Mr. Stefan Brady, Community Support Worker, provides effective programming and maintains communication with the rehabilitation team."


Mr. Jim O. – Client

"They’ve been with me at the movies, shopping, playing chess, at the local pub and, close to my heart, take me on the yearly walk-a-thon for Diabetes research… A great organization full of competent, cheerful workers who add a real asset to my straight-legged, horizontal, wheelchair life!"


Mr. Patrick Ratz, Executive Director, Gifford Homes

"Mr. Stefan Brady is a well-respected member of our advisory committee. He was chosen based on his extensive background in child care and his more recent foray into small business. He brings an interesting perspective to our meetings and his input and contributions have been invaluable."


Mrs. Esther H. – Wife of Client

"What Stefan Brady & Hemispheres has done for my husband and myself. Stefan listens to the clients needs. He is always responsive to my husband and the changes he goes through as a TBI survivor. Stefan does not take comments personally and is easy to deal with. He never demeans Josef and this gives me the confidence to continue working with him. If only all the people who work with the brain injured were like Stefan, the survivor could actually move forward with dignity."


Janet Campbell, O.T., The Positive Approach

"I have had the pleasure of working with Stefan Brady over the past few years, as we provided rehabilitative community care to several brain injured clients. Stefan’s ability to assess the situation, to assess the client’s ability level and to engage the client in productive activity has been evident throughout these endeavours. He is aware of the complexities of brain injury recovery and works well as a team player. His clients comment that he is very personable and is of great help in their rehabilitation. I would recommend Mr. Brady’s services in community brain injury rehabilitation, for home community re-integration and for vocational coaching."


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