Respite Care

Benefits of Respite Care

This service is designed to give Primary Caregivers a break from their caring responsibilities allowing them opportunity for social interaction, health care, shopping, leisure, relaxation, etc.

It also provides enjoyable activities for the person being cared for, whether they are frail older people or younger people with disabilities or mental illness.

Why Use Respite Care

  • Personal time  and relief for the caregiver
  • Respite care provides individuals a chance to develop new relationships, socialize  and increase confidence 
  • Allow client to meet and interact with  someone other than caregiver
  • Gives caregiver the opportunity to  re-energize and enjoy some personal time

Services of Respite Care  

  • Provide personal care as needed
  • Carry out instructions on special needs
  • Prepare simple meals
  • Provide support and companionship
  • Recreation Outings
  • Escort to appointments

Companion Care

Companion care is for people who would prefer to live at home, but no longer can manage independently. Companion Care workers are available to make sure that client’s needs are met. They provide personal care and a sense of security to older people in the comfort of their home.     

Home Care

Home Care Services provide housecleaning services to individual who are unable to do activity themselves due to illness.  

Personal Care

Personal Care services are those tasks which a person would normally do, but unable to perform with the assistance of caregiver due to illness, disability or frailty.   

Associates Qualification

All associates are screened and must meet the following criteria:

  • Accredited College/University diploma
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Police Reference Check 

  • Minimum two years professional working experience

  • Reliable